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     System Specs:
  • Web Based system

  • Oracle database developed by Oracle Java - ADF tools.

  • Centralized database for unlimited number of branches.

  • Multi-Language (Arabic/English).

  • Fully Integrated modules.

  • User-friendly screen/menu layout; straightforward data entry for end users.

  • Configurable user interface.

  • Appropriate security safeguards.

  • User can drill down from high-level view to individual activity detail.

  • Ability to customize and create user definable fields.(Flex fields).

  • Online help at screen/field level.

  • Detailed error messages.

  • Work flow is available, easy to define and access.

  • Multi-level of permissions per screen/fields as per the organization structure.

  • Full tracking of users actions per field with online log files (add/modify/delete).

  • Ability to merge branches or distribute branches to 2 or more branches.

  • Daily database backup.

  • Conventional Products and Islamic Products

  • Individual Loans and Group Loans.

  • Complete financial inclusion (Loans, Saving, Deposits, Micro-Insurance, and Remittance)

  • Interfacing to Tablets, SMS, ATM, Internet and Mobile Banking).

  • Tellers and Tablet collection.

  • Interface with Credit Bureau, Sharing Information, and Data Bank.

  • Financial , operational and statistics reports.

  • Built-in SEEP reports.

  • Integrated with Accounting, Assets, HR & Payroll systems.

System Modules:

  • Core Module.

  • Client information module

  • Portfolio tracking and transferences module.

  • Loan Products module

  • Loan Application and approval module

  • Loan process workflow module

  • Loan disbursement module

  • Loan collection and calculation module

  • Loan transaction module

  • Delinquency management, Write off, PAR and provision module.

  • Portfolio tracking and transferences module.

  • Incentive module

  • Customer channels module

  • Saving and deposit module

  • Remittance module



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