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     Systems Specifications:

  • Oracle Based System.

  • Centralized database for unlimited number of branches.

  • Multi-Language (Arabic/English).

  • Fully Integrated modules.

  • User -friendly screen/menu layout; straightforward data entry for end users.

  • Appropriate security safeguards.

  • Online help at screen/field level.

  • Detailed error messages.

  • Work flow is available, easy to define and access.

  • Full tracking of users actions per field with online log files (add/modify/delete).

  • Ability to merge branches or distribute branches to 2 or more branches.

  • Daily database backup.

  • Built-in financial calculator

  • Ability to print all related documents (contracts, promissory notes,...etc)

  • Provision calculations as per different criteria's.

  • Supports various types of transactions.

  • Supports customer services operations.

  • Supports all types of supplier payments.

  • Taxes follow up.

  • Assets management (Insurance, maintenance, driving license  tracking).

  • Supports option to buy during the contract period or at the end. 

  • Ability to manage return assets.

  • Ability to merge/split assets.

  • Cheques and post dated cheuqes follow up.

  • Financial, Operational, and statistical reports.

  • Integrated with Accounting System.


  • Cars Financing.

  • Machine Financing.

  • Trucks Financing

  • Medical Equipments Financing

  • Industrial Equipments Financing

  • Real Estate Financing (Housing Projects, Offices, Apartments)

  • Office Supplies Financing.

   Systems Modules:

  • Loans Module.

  • Follow up Module

  • Assets management Module

  • Cheques Modules

  • Budget Module

  • Work flow Module




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